Hand Holding Dipped Russet Harness Leather



What is your shipping policy?

We recently updated our prices to offer free Contiguous US Shipping. Note that we ship via FedEx and they don't ship to PO Boxes, so please make sure that you use a physical shipping address. For shipping outside the Contiguous US, email TLGKYsales@TasmanIndustries.com

What are your delivery options?

Shipping is done via FedEX Ground and are fixed rates based on shipping measurements and weight. We have a 7-10 business day shipping window, however most orders arrive between 3-4 business days.

Do you offer shipping outside the Contiguous US?

For shipping outside the Contiguous US, please contact us at (502)316-9424 with the items you would like to purchase and we will calculate your shipping costs and invoice you via email. For international orders please contact our sales department via email at TLGKYsales@TasmanIndustries.com.

Additional Service

Do you create custom leather?

Yes. Custom colors can be matched with a minimum quantity commitment (MQC) of 5000 square feet (SQFT) per color. Call (502)316-2436 or mail your cutting of the color to match to: Thoroughbred Leather 177 N Wenzel St Louisville, Kentucky 40206

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit card as well as PayPal.

How can I purchase leather samples?

Samples are $15 including shipping and handling. Samples are not available for items that are limited quantity. If you are in need of a sample, please contact (502)315-0315 or email brian@tasmanindustries.com.

Do you offer cutting services?

We don't offer cutting in our warehouse but we are able to give you the contact information of a company in Mexico that processes high-volume orders. Call (502)316-9424 for details.

Is there a minimum purchase required?

Great news! No minimums required.

Can I order by phone or via email?

Call us at (502)316-9424 or email TLGKYsales@TasmanIndustries.com. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm EST.

I don’t see the type of leather I’m looking for.

Our website does not feature every type of leather you may be looking for. If you need a particular color, weight, grade, or cut, please contact us at (502)316-9424 and we can help you find what you are looking for. If you are looking for chrome tan leather or a specific color, likely it can be found at our sister company Acadia Leather (www.AcadiaLeather.com), or we can have it made at our tannery. Call the above number to learn more about a production run.

Do you sell bends/double bends/backs/double backs?

We are able to make these products in a minimum of 30 items. Lead times starts at 8 weeks. Occasionally we will feature these products on our Instagram when they are in stock.

Where does your leather come from?

We process premium USDA-certified steer hides directly from the abattoirs in our Fort Worth, Texas facility. This proximity ensures the freshest, highest-quality end product. The hides are then soaked in a tanning drums or vegetable tanning pits in Orizaba, Mexico to each individual customers specifications. The tanned material makes a final stop in Louisville, Kentucky for quality control and final sort before shipping to customers.

What is your average size hide?

Most of our vegetable tanned leather is sold in sides or "half hides," typically ranging between 23 - 25 square feet (SQFT). You'll have the option to choose your prefereed size from a dropdown menu on each individual product page. If a product is sold in whole hides, as is the case for our upholstery leathers, averages will be in the 45-50 square foot range.

What is Thoroughbred Leather typically used for?

The following is only based most common customer end uses, but each article has a variety of applications and is in no way limited to the list below. Bridle - belts, wallets, briefcases Latigo - journals, holsters, wallets, belts Strap - holsters, wallets, leather accessories Harness - finest harness, reins, or any other product where strength is demanded Skirting - saddles, tack, or any other product requiring strength and durability